Looking at the Whole Dog-Person Relationship

Rory sittingYou’re a dog owner. Your dog is your responsibility and your joy. Although you take seriously your commitment to keep her healthy by feeding her good food, exercising her, and training her, you also believe in playing with her and helping her be happy as well as healthy. You believe she has emotions and brains (oh, those puppy days when brains ran far ahead of common sense! Who knew a puppy could do some of the things she did?), and they need to be healthy, too.

Lucy playingPerhaps your dog is injured, and you just want her running around like she always has. What does this have to do with how you interact with your dog? Her injury affects both of you. She needs to heal and learn to work with her body’s changing capabilities while she heals. You may now have her recovery work added to your current schedule and financial demands. Additionally, you’re worried about her. She’s your best girl, your confidant, your partner in going places and doing things. Beyond chauffeuring her to her appointments to let the experts help her, what can you do to support her healing while soothing both of your spirits?

Perhaps your dog has always been a little shy or nervous of strange things or people or other dogs. He’s such a sweet dog with you that you wish he found being a part of this world a little easier. You’d love to do things with him or have people over, but it’s just too hard for both of you. You wonder how you can help him gain confidence in himself and in you, to know that you will help him navigate the world safely.

kyah senior dogPerhaps your dog is a senior citizen. She’s been your best girl for many years, or maybe you found her in her old age and want her to be loved for her final months or years. She’s teaching you loads about gracefully accepting aging and the changes it’s bringing to her body. Her soul still shines as brightly as ever, and she still perks up when you come home, even if hearing loss means it takes her a little longer to notice you’ve arrived. She doesn’t move around as much as she used to, and you’ve noticed she has trouble getting up on her feet these days. Moving around seems painful for her, and you’d love a way to help her mobility without risking damage to her kidneys or liver.

Perhaps your dog is perfect – to everyone else as well as to you. He’s confident and well-mannered with a trim, fit, injury-free body. You’d like to keep him perfectly happy and healthy and love to explore new ways to play or work with him.

Judi Truskey can help you with your goals. She offers Tellington TTouch training to help you and your dog achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance as well as healthful swimming for dogs at any stage of life. Please explore the TTouch and swimming sections of this website to see how working with Judi can benefit you and your dog.

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