About Judi

Judi’s Path to Working with Animals

judi kyah and roryJudi Truskey brings a unique background to working with dogs. As the fifth of six children, she early learned the benefits of cooperation and earning respect. She was walking and/or training neighborhood dogs before she was 10 years old and finally convinced her parents to have a dog in the house when she was 13. Flint was a major part of Judi’s teenage years and was probably relieved when she went off to college, leaving him behind.

In college, Judi studied mechanical engineering and holds bachelors and masters degrees from Purdue University. Post-college, dogs were on the back-burner for a number of years while Judi worked for a few Fortune 50 companies and lived in apartments. She did everything from forecasting how much equipment was needed in Washington DC telephone company central offices to designing jet engines. In 1993 Judi moved to Vancouver, WA to work on inkjet printers. Three years later she had both a house and a young Australian shepherd named Kyah.

Kyah was instrumental in changing Judi’s life. Together they explored new training methods, several dog sports, and alternative health practices. And this was the beginning of major shift from working in the corporate world to spending her time surrounded by four legged colleagues who she has found most pleasant to work with.

Please explore Judi’s offerings from the links above, and she looks forward to hopefully meeting you and your companions sometime soon.

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