Swimming – What I Offer

Swimming is wonderful exercise for most dogs. Because the water supports the dog’s weight, it is especially good for arthritic or overweight dogs or dogs who are recovering from leg surgery. Please see the “Benefits of Swimming” page for more information on many reasons to consider swimming your dog.

benzi swimming

Where I Swim

At this time (January, 2018), I am not swimming with dogs. I suggest contacting Dogs Gone Swimming or Pawsaquatics.

The Portland/Vancouver area has several canine swim facilities, and I have swim privileges at pools located in:

  • North Portland (near Delta Park)
  • Ridgefield/North Vancouver (near the fairgrounds)

Each pool is a little different in capabilities and amenities, so we will work together to decide which one is best for you and your dog. Sometimes we may start in one pool and then transition to another.

Rates for Swimming

The cost of swimming is independent of which pool we use.

Introductory sessions for pool swimming last up to one hour and cost from $40 to $70. This longer session gives us time to introduce your dog to Judi and the pool and become comfortable with the setting and handling. Even dogs who are used to swimming outdoors may take some time to become comfortable with the idea of swimming inside.

Subsequent sessions are usually shorter. All sessions include 5-10 minutes for drying off.

  • 30-minute session — $40
  • 45-minute session — $55
  • 60-minute session — $70

What is consistent from pool to pool is my desire to help you and your dog reach your goals for swimming.

Judi’s Swim Coach Experience

Level 1 Training CertificateI have been swimming dogs professionally since 2008. I am a Level 1 graduate of La Paw Spa’s Heart to Heart Swim Training program, which emphasizes safe and effective handling of dogs in the water. My TTouch background further helps me provide a safe and nurturing experience for dogs in the water.

puppy swimmingMy clients bring their dogs to swim for many reasons, from puppies looking to have their first water experiences to dogs recovering from knee injuries and/or surgery to overweight or senior dogs looking for non-weight-bearing exercise. Over the past four years I have gained a good bit of experience teaching dogs who don’t care for water to swim more safely and effectively. I have also had the privilege of swimming water-loving dogs for their final, hospice swims. Sometimes owners are included in swim sessions; for example, when they need to be taught to handle their dog safely for future self-swim sessions.

Below are some Videos of Judi with her Clients


Dogs Swimming for Exercise and Fun

Dog Swimming to Relieve Effects of Spondylosis

A Senior Dog Stretches Her Legs

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