With Thanks from Trey

Trey Swimming with JudiWe have been taking our 11 year old Australian Shepherd to Judi Truskey for about a year and a half now and can’t say enough good things about her.

Our boy Trey was diagnosed with spondylosis, a degenerative condition that affects the spine. He was getting weak and struggling to be as active as he was used to. A friend and our vet recommended swimming, and that’s how we met Judi.

The first time we met and Trey got to swim with Judi, we knew it was a perfect fit. Not only did Trey get to swim in a warm pool but Judi also did TTouch on him in between laps. Her bond with Trey was instant, he loves seeing her and so do we. He gets excited the moment we get in the building and he has a blast swimming.

We believe the benefits last long after he gets out of the pool. He moves better, sleeps more soundly and has more energy.

I would highly recommend Judi to anyone interested in swimming their dog. It’s good for dogs and their humans as well. She is wonderful.

Carrie Meeks, Roddy Pieper and Trey

Remembering Benzi

Benzi swimming with JudiAs pet “parents” we like to think that no one could love our sweet Benzi as much as us, however Judi surely made us second guess that. The love and care that Judi extended to Benzi was second to none.

We brought Benzi, our Siberian Husky mix, to swim with Judi at 17 years of age. As a very senior citizen, she was losing mobility and it was a challenge to help her maintain any strength. We were very unsure of how Benzi would do in the pool so initially signed her up for a single session. Well we continued to bring Benzi swimming regularly right up until days before she died.

Truly we believe that swimming extended our time with her but more importantly, it extended Benzi’s quality of life. Judi was gentle and loving and would even use TTouch techniques on Benzi during the breaks between guided laps in the pool. We will be forever grateful knowing that she was in such loving hands that helped her live a better life.

And because we didn’t want to end our connection with Judi, we have since signed up our younger dog Turk to swim as well!

Laura & Marty & Benzi & Turk

Keeping Sadie Moving

Sadie Swims in the Dog PoolWhen my 10 yr old English Springer, Sadie tore her ACL and had to have TPLO surgery people thought I was crazy to pay out so much money for her surgery.  To me there was no other choice; she was family.  My only concern was that she would be able to run and chase squirrels again.  The surgeon recommended swimming as an option to speed Sadie’s recovery.  From the first day Judi showed what an exceptionally caring person she is.  She coaxed Sadie into the pool and ensured that Sadie felt safe and as pain free as possible.  Judi was not only concerned about her 4 legged charge but she also ensured both my son and I were comfortable with the swim sessions and Sadie’s progress.  She always remained calm and positive even when Sadie was not very cooperative.

We took Sadie swimming with Judi weekly for almost a year.  Judi always took the time to explain the progress and goals along with tips on how to help her at home with her recovery and aging.  She got to know about our family and offered suggestions on how to improve Sadie and our other old dog’s life too.

Sadie is now 13 years young and still chases birds and squirrels like she was 5!  We walk about 2 miles every day and she still has plenty of energy left.  I attribute this to Judi‘s talent.  She genuinely cares about the dog’s well being as well as their human owners.  I can’t thank Judi enough for all that she has done for Sadie and our family.

Jana Kearns
Vancouver, WA

Helping Ernie Beat the Odds

Ernie Three legged swimmerIn June 2011, Ernie, my beautiful rottweiller/pitbull, was diagnosed with bone cancer and given 4 months to live. After much consideration and research, I decided to go with the surgery to amputate one of his front legs as soon as possible. He was strong for over 9 months and able to run with the other dogs at the park. He started to show signs of fatigue and the vet clinic suggested swim therapy for Ernie.

We decided to check out the swim center in Ridgefield where Judi Truskey was the swim coach. We met her and she gave Ernie the love and support he needed. The first swim was a bit awkward yet she encouraged him and me to come back and try it again. Over the weeks, he became so comfortable that he couldn’t wait to get in the pool with Judi and his ball. He became a stronger swimmer working those muscles that were more difficult to exercise.

The cancer surfaced in his back leg making it more difficult for him to balance on his three legs. The swimming made a significant difference in his health and happiness; Judi provided the support for him and for me too. Ernie lived a solid 12 months, beating the odds given to him. Judi was his swim coach and gave him a happiness that was clear.

Thank you for providing the healing water environment and appropriate exercise for Ernie, Judi. You gave him, and us, so much. We are ever grateful to you. Peace.

Namaste my friend,

Year-round Exercise

rigel swimsMy 6-year-old English Bulldog, Rigel, has been swimming with Judi for about two years. Bulldogs typically do not swim; in fact they sink like rocks. Rigel, however, is taller and leaner than your typical English bulldog and he swims like a champ. Because of the many challenges inexercising bulldogs, swimming is the perfect answer for us. Rigel swims twice a week when possible and Judi puts him through his paces for a steady 30 minutes a session. Judi is creative about maximizing Rigel’s workouts; even when he tries to “cheat”.

There is no doubt that Rigel really enjoys his swim-time with Judi; even to the point of racing her up the ramp to the pool. I proudly tell everyone that Rigel has his own private swim coach in Judi.

Cindy Franke & Rigel
Vancouver, WA

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