The Benefits of TTouch®

Why would you choose TTouch®?

TTouch classTTouch is a holistic training and wellness method that is appropriate for every life stage. You might explore and use TTouch if…

Your dog has a physical issue like lameness or problems associated with old age. After you have been to the vet, you may be able to use TTouch methods to supplement your vet’s suggested treatments. We use various TTouches to help tight muscles relax and help reduce inflammation. Awareness aids and ground exercises can be used to bring your dog’s attention to her body, opening up the possibility of changing how she uses it if appropriate. TTouch ear-work is often helpful for nauseous dogs.

Your dog has a mental or emotional challenge such as anxiety, carsickness, lack of focus, excitability or fearfulness. The TTouch Training approach is gentle and respectful and starts with meeting your dog where he is at that moment. We use a combination of TTouches, awareness aids, and groundwork to help your dog shift to a more balanced and connected state. We often see a greater willingness to work through problems on both ends of the leash.

Your dog has a behavioral challenge like excessive barking or chewing, pulling on the leash, difficulties with grooming or similar handling, or separation anxiety. Depending on your dog’s challenge, we may use any of the three major areas of TTouch to help. Again, by meeting your dog where she is at the moment without judgment, we can help her learn that she has other behavioral options. TTouch leash-work, with its two points of contact and focus on connection, is particularly useful for teaching you and your dog to walk nicely together on lead. TTouch techniques help teach both you and your dog patience and tolerance which can go a long way to help make grooming and handling more pleasant.

Your dog is doing well in everyday life, but perhaps the two of you enjoy working together and learning new things.

Judi offers TTouch for your pet in individual sessions and small groups. She also offers classes, workshops and presentations. Learn more at the TTouch Services link.

So what *is* the Tellington TTouch® Training Method?

TTouch Training begins with observing our animals and how they relate to their world. We look for how they move about physically and how their thoughts and emotions are affecting them. Like humans, animals can fall into patterns of how they move, how they act, how they think and feel. In order to change any patterns that might not be useful, the animal has to become aware of the pattern. Our goal is to help animals achieve Awareness, Balance, and Connection.

Awareness   The TTouches are different from the way most of us touch our animals, so their bodies pay more attention to how the TTouches and the bodies feel. Awareness aids like body-wraps help keep that awareness going while the animal is moving, possibly through the slow, controlled movements of the TTouch groundwork.

Balance    Once animals are aware of how they feel, they will generally try to shift toward a more balanced feeling. This awareness and balance in the body tends to carry over into the mind and emotions, much like a human standing tall and over her feet will feel stronger and braver than the guy huddled in the corner.

Connection   So now our animals are feeling aware and balanced, and their bodies, minds and emotions are more connected with one another. In addition, animal and human have been working together during this learning process, leading to a greater connection between them.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential!
Linda Tellington-Jones’ video illustrating how to get in touch with your canine friend.

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