TTouch® – What I Offer

TTouch® Services

My TTouch work is primarily geared toward teaching you how to use TTouch Training methods with your own dog. I offer a variety of services for you.


TTouch I run multi-week classes, usually giving an overview of TTouch. Most owners bring a dog to class (auditing without a dog is an option), and we will use those dogs and their concerns to help shape the class. Many of the basic Touches are covered, along with awareness aids and groundwork.

Individual Sessions

For individual sessions, I work with you and your animals at your home. This option works well for dogs who would not be comfortable in a group setting and owners who are focused on a specific issue or who want one-on-one attention for their learning. Senior dogs and puppies are other good candidates for individual sessions. I would love to share TTouch with breeders with young litters.

Small Groups

If you and a few friends would like to work together to learn TTouch techniques, I am happy to work with you in one of your homes. This way you and your dog will be working with people and dogs you already know. The people and animals are often more relaxed than in a class setting due to familiarity, and you learn from other people’s questions as well as your own. We can work together for a mini-workshop or over multiple weeks, depending on your needs and desires.


Workshops are typically either a half- or full-day in length. Most people bring a dog with them, but auditing without a dog is an option as well. Workshop topics vary from a general introduction to TTouch to specialized topics such as TTouch and the Senior Dog or TTouch in Motion: Using TTouch to help improve your dog’s movement. If you have another idea for a topic, let me know! We may be able to come up with a workshop to meet your needs. Depending on the workshop topic, we can often handle a limited number of dogs who need extra help in public. These dogs and their people can benefit from TTouch, and they are wonderful at helping others see TTouch in action.


I am happy to share TTouch through demonstrations or presentations at club meetings, vet offices, pet supply stores, or other offices or stores. Where animals are not permitted, I use stuffed animals and audience volunteers to demonstrate some of the TTouch work.

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